Grant guidelines for applicants

Your application should conform to the following requirements:

  • the application form should be used and submitted at least one month before the start of the project/courses
  • the application should be typewritten or written with block letters
  • the application should be in English and all relevant information should be included
  • Please note that ULLA only provides grants for students from ULLA member faculties/schools who will study full time as exchange students at ULLA member faculties/schools. ULLA does not provide grants for students from other faculties or students from member faculties who will perform a research project or take courses at non-member faculties (for instance Faculties of Health Sciences or Humanistics).
  • Only students who have passed what is equivalent to a three year BSc degree are eligible for an MSc grant. ULLA, however, makes an exception for students from the UCL School of Pharmacy who go for research projects/placements to other ULLA member institutions in the end of their third year. Please be aware that a tuition fee may be applicable for stays at the UCL School of Pharmacy.
  • ULLA MSc grants:
    • you must attach a list of courses (only in case of MSc courses grant)
    • you must attach a project description including a background section (≥ 1/2 page), aim/hypothesis and a project plan section (≥ 1/2 page) (only in case of MSc project grant)
    • you must attach a written confirmation/acceptance letter from your host university stating that you are accepted for the exchange period
    • you must attach a certified copy of your transcript of records from your home university
    • you must report additional funds
  • PhD traineeship Grant:
    • you must attach a description of research project for the period (appr. 1-2 typewritten pages) including a motivation of the value of the visit for your studies/work and the departments involved, and a proposed time table
    • you must attach a description of costs and proposed financing arrangement
    • you must attach a letter of invitation from the host department signed by the host supervisor
    • you must report additional funds
  • PhD course grant:
    • you must attach course information from the course organizer
    • you must report additional funds
  • the costs should be estimated in local currency and/or Euro
  • if your application is approved you will be notified by a document stating the terms of the grants awarded. This document must be signed by yourself as a confirmation of your acceptance and returned before any money can be transferred
  • a written report concerning the visit/course should be sent within 2 months after completion of the visit/course to the address below; please use the template
  • the financial support from the ULLA Consortium should be acknowledged in all scientific publications resulting from the visit
  • it is only possible to apply for an ULLA grant once

The application and the final report should be sent by e-mail to Joachim Brouwers.

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