EU cooperation within the ULLA consortium

EU project coordination

With its nine institutions, the consortium possesses cross-synergies that open up possibilities of having greater impact on the European scene and with a view to the ever increasing importance of EU with respect to inter-European cooperation and funding it has been decided to increase collaboration in this field. ULLA has a EU coordinator to assist the ULLA partners with EU matters in general and EU applications in specific.

It is not necessary that all 9 ULLA institutions participate in each application, but the application should preferably include 3-4 partners.

Any ideas/suggestions from researchers of the various ULLA institutions on projects of common interest are most welcome.

For further information and questions/ideas, please contact:



ARIADME (Analytical Research In ADME) is the first EU-funded ULLA research program. More information can be found on the ARIADME website.

A brief introduction to ARIADME can be seen below.