Grants for PhD students (traineeships and courses)

"ULLA PhD traineeship grants" and "ULLA PhD course grants" are available for PhD students from ULLA member faculties who have been accepted as trainees or in PhD courses at ULLA partner faculties/schools.

Please note that ULLA only provides grants for students from ULLA members as specified in the ULLA member list. ULLA does not provide grants for students who will perform research or take a PhD course at a non-member institution.

Grant period:

ULLA PhD traineeship grants: Up to maximum 3 months
ULLA PhD course grants: Course period

Grant size:

ULLA PhD traineeship grants:
Maximum support is travel expenses (cheapest fare) + subsistence costs of EUR 250/month.

ULLA PhD course grants:

Travel expenses (cheapest fare) + 50 Euro per 24 hours. No course fee should be charged from the organiser.

Application procedure:

Please follow this procedure when applying for ULLA PhD traineeships or course grants:

  1. ULLA PhD traineeship grants:
    Contact head of the host department to get a written agreement about research project, supervisor, duration of stay, dates of arrival and departure etc.
    ULLA PhD course grants:
    Check out PhD courses at ULLA partner institutions (see below). Sign up for the requested PhD course.

  2. When you have received an admission letter/confirmation from the host university please fill in the ULLA grant application form according to the ULLA grant guidelines and submit it by e-mail to Joachim Brouwers. There is no closing date; applications are processed on a continuous basis. Applications should be submitted at least one month in advance.