ULLA objectives

The following objectives originates from the statutes of the foundation ULLA, as officially established on 3 July 1992 in Leiden from article 2:

  1. The objects of the foundation shall be:
    - to promote the cooperation in education and research in the pharmaceutical sciences and related disciplines among European universities, institutions and institutes that are active in the field of medicinal research (hereinafter called: the Institutions);
    - to promote the possibilities of undergraduate and graduate students of European origin in the pharmaceutical sciences and related disciplines to gain experience in research and/or to follow supplementary education at universities, institutions and companies in other countries than their country of origin.
  2. The foundation tries to accomplish its object by:
    a. promoting the exchange of students and staff members among the Institutions;
    b. promoting joint activities of the Institutions in the field of research and education, also for the benefit of third parties, for instance the business community;
    c. Making available grants for undergraduate and graduate students as contributions to the cost of traineeships and study periods abroad;
    d. managing a fund from which the said activities can partly be financed;
    e. acquiring the necessary resources for the purpose.