Sixth ULLA Summer School for Postgraduate Training and Research (Paris)


We are pleased to publish this programme of the Sixth ULLA Summer School for Postgraduate Training and Research taking place in Châtenay-Malabry near Paris from 8th to 17thJuly, 2003.

Summer Schools
The collaboration initiatives of ULLA culminate in the Summer School, which represents the integration of the teaching and research programmes of the participating institutions. The PhD is an important feature of all six institutions and the ULLA Summer School has, therefore, become an integral part of the study programme for all PhD students in the first two years of their training.
The inaugural ULLA Summer School was hosted by London in 1993, followed with Schools in Uppsala (1995), Leiden (1997), Copenhagen (1999) and again in London (2001). For the first time, the ULLA Summer School for Postgraduate Training and Research will take place at "Centre d'Etudes Pharmaceutiques", University of Paris South-XI.

Programme of the Summer School and participation
A range of courses will be offered at the Summer School in Châtenay-Malabry. Instructors and course leaders represent the ULLA institutions, other institutions of higher education, and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The courses will cover a broad spectrum of disciplines and subjects within the pharmaceutical sciences.
PhD students from the ULLA institutions and from other university institutions are expected to meet in Paris and Châtenay-Malabry. Young researchers from industry will have the opportunity to participate in a part or in the whole of the Summer School.
In keeping with the objectives of previous Summer Schools, each participant is encouraged to widen his or her own body of knowledge by selecting courses that are not necessarily representative of his or her own research area. Courses last from 1 day to 2 days in duration, so participants will be able to attend seven different courses during the Summer School.

Saturday, 12th July will be reserved for the ULLA Symposium, in conjunction with a poster session. The posters themselves will be displayed for the duration of the Summer School and will be grouped by themes. All PhD students are required to prepare a poster featuring their ongoing research. The title of the poster should be sent together with the registration form. Participants are asked to submit a one page abstract on their research topic. An abstract booklet will be distributed to all participants at the time of the Summer School.

A brochure containing the final programme of the Summer School, including the titles of all posters, abstracts and the exact programme for the ULLA Symposium will be distributed to students upon arrival.

Course programme
All students are requested to devise their individual course programme in consultation with their supervisor. Students can select from three groups of courses: enabling (e.g. Scientific Writing), general (e.g. European Patenting and Intellectual Property) or advanced (e.g. Pulmonary Drug Delivery). Individual course programmes can be made up from any combination of levels. All courses demand significant interaction between teaching staff and students. Depending on the availability of equipment, some courses will involve practical training and workshops. Panel discussions and group work will also form part of some courses.

Once again, by attending courses with other PhD students, participants will be exposed to and be part of the international scientific scene. In this context, students and staff will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and may make plans for future research collaboration. 
Instructors and course leaders will be encouraged to attend other courses and to be available for discussion after their own course.