EU Projects

With its ten institutions, the ULLA consortium possesses cross-synergies that open up possibilities of having substantial impact on the European scene.  Considering the ever increasing importance of EU-based funding for research projects, ULLA has a grant writer to assist the ULLA partners with joint project applications. Any ideas/suggestions from researchers of the ULLA institutions for common project applications, which preferably include at least 3-4 ULLA partners, are most welcome.   

The European Network on Understanding Gastrointestinal Absorption-related Processes (UNGAP) is a multidisciplinary network of scientists aiming to advance the field of intestinal drug absorption by focussing on 4 major challenges: (i) intestinal absorption in specific patient populations, (ii) regional differences along the gastrointestinal tract, (iii) the intraluminal behaviour of advanced formulations, and (iv) the food-drug interface. The integration of knowledge, combined with the exchange of best practices across sectors and disciplines, will help improve the understanding of intestinal drug absorption and spur future developments in the field. UNGAP also aims to advance the career of young, talented researchers from across Europe.

UNGAP is a Cost Action (CA16205), funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union. It was initiated from within ULLA, but now consists of more than 350 members from 30 participating European countries. Its main acitivites include reviewing the state-of-the-art in intestinal absorption research, defining best practices, organizing training schools, webinars and conference sessions, supporting short-term-scientific missions, and stimulating future collaborations. More information on UNGAP can be found on  


ARIADME (Analytical Research in ADME profiling) was the first EU-funded ULLA research program. This Marie Skłodowska-Curie Initial Training Network ran from 2014 till 2017 and successfully trained 13 early-stage researchers in developing novel tools and approaches for ADME profiling. ARIADME consisted of the ULLA partners KU Leuven, VU Amsterdam, University of Copenhagen and Uppsala University, together with the industrial partners Janssen Pharmaceutica, Unilever, AstraZeneca, DSM Resolve, Lhasa, Lundbeck, Roche  and Waters.