Grants for PhD students and postdocs

Who is eligible?

ULLA grants are available for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from ULLA member institutes who have been accepted at another member institute to follow either a traineeship/internship (PhD/postdoc traineeship grant) or a course (PhD/postdoc course grant). PhD students or postdocs from non-member institutes are not eligible. Likewise, stays at non-member institutes will not be supported. A list of ULLA member institutes can be found here. Be aware that member institutes are faculties/schools, not universities as such!

If you previously received an ULLA PhD/postdoc grant, you cannot apply for a new one.

What is supported?

ULLA traineeship grants for PhD students or postdocs may support exchange stays of maximum 3 months. The support may cover travel expenses (cheapest fare) and subsistence costs of maximum 250 € per month.

ULLA course grants for PhD students or postdocs may support visits for the duration of the course. The support may cover travel expenses (cheapest fare) and subsistence costs of maximum 50 € per 24 hours. No course fee should be charged by the organizer.

When to apply?

You can apply for an ULLA grant at any time, but always at least 1 month prior to the start of your traineeship or course.

How to apply?

Prior to the submission of an ULLA grant application for a PhD traineeship, you should contact the head of the host department to get a written agreement about the research project, the supervisor, the duration of the stay, the dates of arrival and departure… For a PhD course grant, you should sign up for the requested PhD course.

Once you have been accepted at the host university, you can apply for an ULLA grant according to the following guidelines:

  1. complete the grant application form (in English, typewritten or block letters)
  2. prepare and collect the following supporting documents
    • for a course grant
      • course information from the organizer
      • proof of registration for the course
      • a motivation letter in which you clarify the added value of the course for your PhD/postdoctoral project
    • for a traineeship grant
      • a description of the research project during your traineeship, including background (≥ 1/2 page), aim/hypothesis, and project plan (≥ 1/2 page)
      • a letter of invitation from the host department signed by the host supervisor
      • a motivation letter in which you clarify the added value of the traineeship for your PhD/postdoctoral project and/or the departments involved
  3. e-mail the completed application form together with the supporting documents to Joachim Brouwers (ULLA secretary)

What’s next?

  • If your application is eligible, it will be reviewed by the ULLA grant board.
  • If your application is approved, you will receive a document stating the terms of the grant awarded. This document must be signed by yourself as a confirmation of your acceptance and returned before any money can be transferred to your bank account.
  • A written report should be e-mailed to Joachim Brouwers (ULLA secretary) within 2 months after completion of your stay. Please use this template.
  • The financial support from the ULLA Consortium should be acknowledged in all scientific publications resulting from the visit.