ULLA Workshop 2023 Leiden

From 2 – 5 July 2023 the ULLA Workshop entitled ‘Stem cell therapy – from basics to ATMPs’, will take place in Leiden. We are pleased that Prof. dr. Micha Drukker will be the chair of the scientific program, assisted by Dr. Willem Jespers. During the workshop 40 PhD candidates from the ULLA member institutions will be following lectures, perform practical labwork and participate in company visits at Leiden Bioscience Park. Next to the workshop itself, several social activities will be organized. The organization partner Leiden is very much look forward to welcome all PhD candidates to Leiden.
The scientific program revolves on the 3rd drug revolution, namely the application of living cell drugs in medicine. Living cells as drugs is an emerging therapy and treatment whereby cells are placed in the body of patients to replace dysfunctional cells, or treat specific symptoms. For example, pancreatic islets can be replaced to cure diabetes, and tumors can be targeted by T cells to cure cancer. The development of these novel areas relies heavily on cell and molecular biology and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Learning goals and set up of the program

In the workshop participants will learn the fundamentals of stem cell biology and cell therapy through lectures, and perform an experiment to recapitulate development using human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). They will receive a lecture about CRISPR-CAS9 genetic editing in preclinical muscle disorder model in the Leiden University Medical Centre, and visit a start-up biotech company in the Leiden Bioscience Park specializing in stem cell manufacturing for stem cell therapies.
Basic knowledge

No prior stem cell or CRISPR-CAS experience is required. This course is mainly intended for scientists who want to broaden their knowledge and to get insights in possibilities of these technics. For this reason we focus on basic principles and application of tools.